Top 4 Low Cost Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

Many homeowners like to use hardwood for their flooring as it provides them many benefits. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and eco-friendly. There are different kinds of hardwood that you might need to try and Cedar Park Flooring Companies 

 are able to help you with that.  

But the problem comes with the budget, as not all hardwood is cheap. In fact, most hardwood materials can be costly especially when you use them as flooring material. So here in this article, we will share with you the top low-cost alternatives to hardwood. 

1.Tiles with “wooden” look 

Tiles with wooden look have been available for many years and they are one of the alternatives if you want to achieve that “wooden” look on your flooring surface. What is good about them is that they are cheaper than the real hardwood but still provides you the same aesthetics that hardwood flooring delivers. They also come in different designs and types.  

They are also great for kitchen, bathrooms, and basements because they are resistant to water.  

2.Laminated flooring 

Laminate flooring is cheaper than the hardwood and can still provide you a good-looking finish for your floor surface. It is also very to install. However, there are some drawbacks to this material. First, it needs regular maintenance as it can sometimes be spongy that it attracts and accumulate dirt and other pollutants. Second, it is not as durable as other materials like tiles and is susceptible to wetness. It is not ideal for places like the kitchen and bathrooms.  

3.Vinyl plank flooring 

Vinyl is one of the innovative products/materials that has even been engineered. It provides a very elegant looking surface while at the same time provide you a durable floor that is completely waterproof, and it can be used for areas like kitchen, bathroom, and powder room, although they are as aesthetically pleasing when installed on living room and personal rooms. They also feel like hardwood and can look like it depending on the design you choose.  

4.Bamboo flooring 

Among all the options here, the bamboo flooring is the most eco-friendly option. Like the hardwood, you will have something natural and organic that is installed on your floor unlike the other we mentioned above. And since bamboo is a grass and can easily regenerate, it’s cheaper than the actual hardwood for flooring. They are also safe for the environment as cutting them will not create harm to any plant and animal lives because they can grow easily and they are available anywhere.  

There are many claims that it is as hard and d durable as the other hardwood materials, although there are contradicting views on it. It can be as durable as the hardwood but is softer than the oak flooring.  

Final thoughts 

We know that hardwood is unbeatable especially when you want to achieve that kind of natural look on your flooring surface. It is also very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. However, not all people can afford hardwood as they can be very expensive. You can try the alternatives we provided above and see which of them fits your preferences.  


4 Tips to Using Carbon 60 for Your Joint Health

When the C60 was discovered, people and researchers in different fields, especially in medicine, become so interested in its benefits. This is why you can see a lot of shops and companies selling products that contain this compound such as Carbon 60 supplements and others.  

There have been several applications of Carbon 60 and especially with the purpose to detoxify out body and make us healthier. Claims have been stated by different users, while some results have been showcased by different researchers in different fields.  

Now, the carbon 60 can be your next step up in your fitness and wellness journey. There have been current studies that show C60 is able to provide benefits to the joints and to the overall body while providing an inflammatory agent that helps you during your fitness activities. The following are the benefits of C60 to your fitness journey: 

1.Prevents and cures inflammation 

Physical workouts can be frustrating when you are experiencing physical discomfort, and this is what c60 is able to help you.  

Recent studies have shown that C60 has effective anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain relating to arthritis. When you have arthritis and this prevents you from doing exhaustive physical activities because of the pain and discomfort in your joints, taking c60 can help you alleviate the pain.  

2. Helps the muscle overcome fatigue 

When you doing your exercise routine, you are always engaging different muscles in your body in order to be mobile and do different movements. With this, your muscles are in constant stress. 

You experience fatigue due to the stress and excessive oxidation that are happening on the musculoskeletal system whenever you do physical activities. This can be prevented and cured by taking c60 as it serves as a strong antioxidant that reduces the chances of oxidative stress.  

3. It improves your joints’ overall health 

there have been studies that relate the c60 intake to increased life expectancy. This was further proven by one study that showed results of increased lives of the lab rats that were injected with c60. the c50 acted as a sponge that removes toxins and free radicals from the rat’s body, acting as a very effective antioxidant that protects the rat at the cellular level. Because of these results, scientists have been seeing similar positive implications for human health, and this will also help people who have joint problems.  

4. The body cannot ingest raw c60 and so it needs to be mixed and combined with a different solution or in a bioavailable form to be edible. Studies have found out that the best and effective way to take c60 is through infusing it to olive oil so the human body is able to digest it.  

Final thoughts 

Although there are numerous studies that show positive results of c60 and the benefits it provides to our body, there is still a need to prove its efficacy and its benefits by more research in order to fully establish the claims.  

There are several shops and companies that produce different c60-related products and you can try them and see for yourself the benefits it has.